how does grass protect itself from injury



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    In the big picture, grass evolved to protect itself against being overeaten, getting too much or too little water, sun and nutrients.

    Grass has a couple responses to this: It grows quickly, it usually has extensive, interconnected roots, and it is not very sensitive to physical damage.

    All parts of grass are eaten by some animal, from the roots to the seeds. The animals that grass has a real problem with are those that are not into a “sustainable” lifestyle. Humans and grass get along pretty well, but animals such as wild boar are so destructive, they not only kill the grass (looking for things to eat in the ground), they rip the ground apart, making it hard for the grass to regrow. And since grass is one of the first things to regrow when there is a fire or other disaster, when grass can’t grow it can spell big trouble when the next big rain comes — washing away the soil.

    In certain important cases, then, grass doesn’t protect itself: People protect it! 

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