How does grass protect itself during a drought?



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    Just like plants, flowers, and trees, grass needs its fair share of grass to stay rich and green. Lack of water, especially when combined with extended periods of heat and unrestricted sunlight, will cause grass to turn brown and brittle, eventually dying and/or resulting in bare spots on the lawn.

    However, there are some types of grass, such as Bermuda grass, that are resistant to drought and can hold up to hotter, drier temperatures much longer than other types of grass. Bermuda grass is very popular for this reason, and is a good option for people who want to conserve water while maintaining a healthy garden.

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    Drought resistant grass has deep roots, that way they can reach to lower depths that are more likely to have moisture. There is even a possibility that the roots could reach the depth of the water table, allowing them to get even better water supply during dry months. 

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