how does graffitit effect the enviroment



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    There are a few ways that graffiti affects the environment:

    Aerosol paints can be oil-based, which only serves to increase our addition to fossil fuels.

    The paint is toxic and if any gets into waterways or groundwater systems it can damage nature and negatively affect animals and humans.

    Aerosol cans should not use CFCs nowadays, but if the aerosol can being used is not from a country that doesn’t use CFCs then these cans could be causing more damage to the ozone layer.

    Graffiti has been linked to increased vandalism and crime, which can bring down the market value of an area and therefore negatively affect the lives of the people who live there. This in turn affects how much money is spent on an area, including what is done in that area to help the environment.

    Authorities do not like graffiti and spend a lot of money removing it in order to keep cities and towns vandal and crime free. This money that is being spent to remove the graffiti could be used for other purposes, including environmental ones. 

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