How does graffiti effect the environment?



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    Well, most spraypaints are aerosol-based, which means they contain CFCs and other ozone-depleting materials. Also, rain-based runoff could carry chemicals from freshly-sprayed graffiti to waterways. Even if it’s not spraypaint, a lot of paint is petrochemically-based, which means it comes from oil, which carries quite a footprint.

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    Traditional paint based graffiti has harmful effects on the environment. But nowadays more and more street artists are using moss for their green graffiti. These are made from a mixture of natural yogurt and sugar to get the moss to cling to the bricks. This makes it eco-friendly and biodegradable, so it is basically harmless for the environment. 

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    It releases toxic chemicals into the environment when sprayed. This includes aerosol which leads to global warming, by prevent heat from exiting the earth’s atmosphere. It is also aesthetically unpleasing to a lot of people. If they could somehow create graffiti that is does not have these terrible chemicals than it would be good. 

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