How does the government work to make themselves greener?



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    I do not think the government is worried about becoming “greener” to be completely honest with you. Most Senators still fly private jets to meetings, use gas guzzling vehicles, and travel when it is not absolutely needed. Making themselves “greener” is low on their priority list when there are things like terrorism, war, and swine flu happening. Of course if you ask me, it should be top on their priority list, especially if they are going to show the world how it is done. Some suggestions would be to use nothing but efficient ways of travel, and only travel when necessary. It does not make sense to travel just to speak to a crowd when it can be done over a screen, or fly a private jet somewhere instead of taking a public plane. These are just a few things of course, but it is just a start, and COULD help show the world they mean business when it comes to being environmentally conscious.

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    While the answer above makes some good points, he/she seems to mainly be talking about politicians rather than the government as a whole. The government has been trying to become ‘green’ since the 1970’s when Richard Nixon helped found the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA requires that before any federal government building is built they must do an environmental impact assesment to make sure that the building will be the least harmful to the surrounding environment.

    Many state governments also have a Department of Environmental Protection which works to conserve stand lands and enforce laws. Many local governments also work to protect the environment by having conservation commissions that make sure zoning laws are followed and that local wetlands are protected from any harmful runoff from residences or businesses.

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