How does the Government come up with ways to green themselves?

is there a department dedicated to it.



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    Unfortunately, the Government is not operating in a way that can be considered “green.” Some things have been done, such as the Government Paper Work Elimination Act, which I would guess functions in a way that is similar to your bank or credit card asking you if you want to go paperless and recieve all your statements electronically (but that still uses costly electricity). But there is still a lot to be done. It’s really up to the individuals we elect to enact the environmentally conscience changes we all need to see. They have the real power, but I don’t think there is an organization inside the governemnt that targets the government itself as polluter, when in fact it is one (it’s not the EPA’s job to regulate the government itself—but they do provide the scientific research and what the data shows is we need to change—all of U.S. and the government included!). Any time someone in the government boards an airplane and travels to an unnecessary meeting abroad that is a waste—why not teleconference? At public schools they use styrofoam—which lasts for more than 10,000 years, when we only need it for 20 minutes—for lunch trays and do not encourage recycling of everything and anything. The government needs to address these internal problems. But I do believe they are working to do so as we speak!

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    The Government is filled with extremely well educated and innovative people whose jobs are to solve problems. That makes many government employees apt individuals to help make our government green. Before any federal government building is built an environmental impact assessment must be completed. However, government funding is pulled in many different directions which makes it hard for the government to become truly green.

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