How does global warming affect sea anemones?



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    Sea anemones are apart of the Cnidaria. The term Cnidaria is derived from stinging cells which are called cnidocytes. They are categorized in the class  Anthozoa like corals. Sea anemones are the flowers of the sea. Despite their pretty appearances, these creatures are predators. They use their tentacles to catch their preys

    Sea anemones live for a very long time. They generally have a life-span of 60 to 80 years and even longer. It is also believed that they have the ability to live indefinitely if not for their predators. There are about 6,500 different species of Sea anenomes. Interestingly enough, Sea anemones, like other Cnidarians, do not age. They range a few centimeters so to over a meter in diameter. These creatures are sedentary and stay attached to rocks.

    Sea anemones can be found worldwide. Many are endangered as their habitat become more and more threatened by global warming and human activity. The increased temperature is what endangers the Sea anemones. Global warming causes coral bleaching which is when masses of coral die because of stress induced mortalities of their colorful photosynthetiic charateristics.

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