How does global warming affect plant life?



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    Plant species have been observed to migrate during times of climate change, and this phenomena is occurring during present times. Scientists have proposed movements of up to one kilometer is locations where climate change is severe. Such changes in vegetation cover can have implications on features of the land and atmosphere, possibly exacerbating global warming and climate change.

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    Global warming can affect plant life in both a negative and positive way. Like Chelsey said, higher temperatures force some plant species to migrate to places where temperatures are cooler. Sugar maple trees in New England, for instance, would migrate northward. Contrarily, global warming does shed some positive light on plant life. Because of global warming, stronger winds will quickly spread pollen, seeds, and plants, which could help to repopulate land that was once damaged for forest fires. Global warming also accounts for less snowfall, causing frequent thawing and refreezing of soil. This essentially increases microbial action and makes the plants more productive.

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