How does global warming affect the earth?



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    Through global warming, the earth’s average surface air and water temperatures are increased. With this increase in temperatures come other changes- Ice is melting, water levels are increasing, various animal and plant species are becoming extinct, etc.

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    Climates may also shift; what once was a rainy area may turn dry.  Desertification is already a problem, and global warming will likely make it worse. 

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    There are numerous effects caused by global warming on the Earth. Broader effects include glacial retreat, such as the long term shrinkage of the Greenland ice sheet and worldwide sea level rise. Other effects of global warming include, changes in rainfall patterns, increased intensity of extreme weather, and water scarcity.  Sea levels grew from 2009 – 2010 from 0.59 to 1.9 feet. Increased amount of C02 in the atmosphere means more of it will be absorbed into the ocean resulting in ocean acidification. This increased acidification has lowered the pH of the ocean surface which races concerns for the potential extinction of organisms because many of them are adapted to a narrow range of pH.

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