How does energy get from the power plant to your house?



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    Electricity is transmitted through power lines. You may be familiar with them. Typically, metal wires are hung up on a wooden or steel structure. Sometimes, however, energy can be transmitted through underground lines or even wirelessly. In all cases, the amount of power that can be transmitted at once is limited.

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    While electricity is transmitted and distributed through the power lines and poles you see along highways (and those you don’t see underground), a few other things need to happen to convert the voltage of power leaving plants to a level suitable to enter your home. 

    When power generated from a source leaves a plant, it goes through a transformer that basically ramps up the voltage to ensure the power can travel long distances.  The electrical charge is then carried through high-voltage power lines until it reaches a substation, where the voltage is then lowered so it is able to safely carried through smaller power lines and distributed into towns and individual homes.  Transformers on this end first reduce the voltage to a safe level for home usage.  The electricity then groes through an electric panel and is futher distributed into wires throughout your house that power lights, appliances, etc.

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