How does water get polluted?



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    Gross stuff gets in it!  Water gets polluted with agricultural runoff like manures and pesticides, oil spills, trash from landfills, other chemicals…basically anything that pollutes, can pollute water.  Sound pollution and light pollution even exists in water, like when whales can’t hear each other sing because of motorboats, and sea turtles can’t figure out the difference between light reflections on the ocean and a city itself.

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    Polluters of waterways are identified as what are known as Point Source Polluters. This classification defines an exact point where any type of pollution, not just water, is coming from. These can include industrial farms and oil refineries, but also housing developments and your own home!

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    Anything manmade that suspends in or dissolves in water pollutes it. Water is called a “universal solvent”, which means many things dissolve in it. This means that water is very good at taking on pollution.

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