How does the federal government enforce the Endangered Species Act?



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    The Fish and Wildlife Service and the Marine Fisheries Service have law enforcement branches (essentially, like police) that are the enforcement agencies for the Endangered Species Act. It can be challenging, because it is impossible to police the entire nation especially where such species live, but arrests are commonly made.

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    Some states also have inner-state agencies whose enforcements work alongside the US FWS. For instance, California has the Department of Fish and Game. They employ biologist and environmental scientists as well as wardens to enforce the California Endangered and Threatened Species laws. In addition to these government agencies, many environmental non-profit organizations help keep the federal and state agencies accountable for enforcing these types of laws.

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    Some of the penalties to ensure enforcement included: $250,000 fines to individuals and up to $1 million fines to corporations found in violation. Authorities also have the ability to cease and search property and possessions in order to enforce these laws. Courts also have the ability to issue remedy on the damaged area.

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