How does fasting once a month help you live longer?



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    Some studies have shown that regular fasting may help reduce the occurrence of clogged arteries because the body must use its available resources (thus burn fat). Many people will loose weight when fasting, which may also encourage a healthier system. As a result, weight-related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes have been shown to become delayed when fasting regularly.   

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    There is some evidence that those people who fast once a month live longer – however it is not certain why, but probably because of the other healthy lifestyle choices that are made such as not smoking, getting plenty of exercise and not only from fasting once a month.  No studies of longevity from calorie restriction has been done or completed on humans – the studies that have been done were on Rhesus  monkeys which did result in increased longevity.  There is also not definitive answer as to why yet – only that it did increase longevity and some hypothesis have been suggested from that result.  One is that ther may be an increased resistance to different types of stressors,  another s that there are fewer free radicals produced which results in less cellular oxidatvie damage.  A third idea is that it results in the slowing of the metabolic prosesses such as cell profiferation that contribute to senescence.  The one issue with the studies done on calorie restriction is that the intake was reduced by about 30-40% overall which is not realistic for most of the population and would not occur from occasional or once monthly fasts.

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