How does a fan make the air cooler?



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    Fans generally don’t make the air cooler, unless you put something cold in front of it, they just move the air around. Air conditioners use a fan and a source of cold to make it cooler. Most air conditioners use a chemical called freon to cool the air that gets blown into the room or space. 

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    Seppe, is right; a fan doesn’t make the air cooler.  A fan actually adds heat to a room, though there is no arguing the fact that it does make you feel cooler.  This happens for two reasons.  The first is that the breeze of the fan does not allow heat released from your body to linger around your skin, not allowing you to heat up.  This is the same as the wind chill effect on really cold days.  The second reason is that the fan knocks off energetic (hot) molecules from your sweat faster than without it — a process better known as evaporation — which leaves the less energetic (cooler) molecules in the sweat on your skin.

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