How does eutrophication affect the natural water ecosystem?



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    Eutrophication affects the natural water ecosystem in a verity of ways. First off it can suck away the nutrients that should be available for other native organisms therefore leaving the carrying capacity of any species dependent upon those nutrients to become dangerously low perhaps to the point of depletion. A huge effect of this are the ‘dead zones’ that occur in areas like the mouth of the Mississippi River and the Potomac River.

    Another consequence that has erupted is that these waters attract and allow the massive reproduction of very dangerous jellyfish which can also take the nutrients away from the native species and create massive side effects in the natural, native, ecosystem. Something interesting that has occurred with some algae blooms that have erupted from these areas are a type of ‘killer algae’ that is very evasive and can inhibit large sea mammals and fish also effecting the natural ecosystem.

    I highly suggest reading some headlines under the USGS link cited below. One may find some interesting things.

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    The effects of eutrophication include:

    1) a decrease in the biodiversity of the ecosystem

    2) increase in plant and animal biomass

    3) increase in turbidity (murkiness of the water from free-floating solids)

    4) anoxic conditions – see “dead zones”

    5) increase in rate of sedimentation, shortening the lifespan of the ecosystem

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