how does environmental education helps us to live a sustainable life?



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    Educating people about the environment can help them to make better daily choices such as what they buy and what the decide to boycott. It can also help consumers to be more skeptical of companies that claim to be green, but are really doing more to harm the environment than to help it. This is known as “greenwashing” and an educated person is less likely to be sucked in by false advertising than someone who simply has good intentions and trusts every single label they read.

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    Environmental education allows us to escape the linear thought patterns of civilization and think in the cyclical patterns that are endemic to nature.  This allows us to grasp a larger sense of time and a holistic understanding of nature.  Environmental education also allows us to gain a technical understanding of the systems that work within nature.  These systems have the potential to become the new model for our civilization.  Permaculture is one of these systems that developed from ecological education and has the potential to reform many societal and environmental problems of modern civilization.

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