How does the environment effect your skin?



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    The environment’s effect on the skin may vary depending on the type. Chemicals such as oil and tar can cause the pores in the skin to become clogged which may lead to acne. Other environmental materials may cause a bacterial infection that can include burns, hair loss and changes in skin color. Climate change, where extreme hot or cold temperatures are experienced. can have its own effect on the skin. Extreme heat can cause perspiration blockages which lead to blisters and heat rashes. Extreme cold and dry weather can cause skin to dry out and flake; in certain cases, frost bite may even occur.

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    The amount of radiation in your environment can affect your chances of getting skin cancer. The most obvious source of radiation is the sun, but working in a uranium mine or living near a poorly sealed nuclear waste facility can also increase your chances of getting not only skin cancer, but other types of cancer as well. The ozone layer in our stratosphere filters out some of the sun’s harmful rays, Unfortunately, due to mankind’s use of chlorofluorocarbons, the ozone layer has been depleted and people are now more vulnerable to the sun’s radiation. Sunscreen can help protect you.

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