How does the environment affects personality?



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    The environment, especially the weather, can play a huge role in a person’s personality. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a condition where your mood is changed due to the season/weather. It is common during the winter months, where there is little sunlight, and it can lead to extremes such as severe depression. This condition is also more prevalent in women than men. 

    Not only can the weather change your mood/personality, but so can environmental pollution. Living in an unhealthy environment can cause a wide range of problems, both mentally and physically. 

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    Circadian rhythms are natural cycles of sleep and wakefulness in human beings.  They are caused by fluctuations in light levels over the course of a day.  They effect personality by increasing levels of activity during peak daylight hours.  In some species, such as deer, they effect hormone levels that determine seasonal mating patterns.  However, electric lights skew the natural balance of the circadian cycle causing exhaustion, irritability, and other problems with hormones and metabolism.

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