How does the environment affect child development?



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    Toxins in a child’s environment can be serious threats to a child’s development. Children found with higher levels of lead in their blood tend to have a more difficult time staying focused, in affect lowering their IQs. These children have also been noted to be relatively more antisocial and possibly aggressive. Noisy environments can damage a child’s brain development, affect short term memory, and heighten blood pressure. Crowded areas, such as large cities or home life, can also cause children to be more socially awkward.  More effects are cited in the provided citations.

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    Pollution in the environment affects child development in a negative manner. A real-world example was illustrated in China, when child development problems decreased by 60 percent in Tongliang after the local coal plant shut down.

    Automobile pollution is another issue that negatively affects child development. Children who live near major roadways are more susceptible to pneumonia, as the air pollution damages their lungs.

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