How does an electromagnet effect the muman body?



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    Well, it’s not clear.  Electromagnetic radiation includes everything from electricity to gamma rays, and each different manifestation of electromagnetic radiation has its own hazards–the most common being electrical burns or electrical shock.  Electric power lines do not cause cancer or other illness, which have been proven by many of the studies listed in this Wikipedia article on electric radiation and health:

    However, if you’re talking about an actual electro-magnet, that is, an object that attracts certain metals when it’s charged by electricity, it doesn’t seem that studies have been done about the long-term exposure of people to electro-magnets.  There is a field of alternative health, however, called magnet therapy, that uses static magnets (i.e., magnets that don’t require a power source to work) to heal.  It has been proven successful in the treatment of leg ulcers, mainly because the magnets affect circulation in the capillaries (tiny veins) and, placed properly, can promote better blood movement to an affected area.  Whether this would also work with electromagnets is unknown, partially because if a static magnet is working, why use a magnet that needs to be plugged in?  If you’re interested in magnetic therapy, the Wikipedia article is a good place to start looking for resources.

    Also, there is a condition many people believe they have called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, but it has been proved many times that it is actually a fallacy, a symptom without a cause–a made-up condition.  For more information on that, check the citation.

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