How does climate change effect nations differently?



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    Nations will be effected differently because of geographic and socioeconomic reasons. First of all, the geography of a country will determine how much damage the effects of climate change will have, for example if the much of the country, especially its biggest cities as is the case in many places, is near or even below sea level then the rising sea level caused by melting glaciers and icebergs destroy more property and lives then a mountainous country. Other effects would be whether the country is susceptible to hurricanes, which would increase in strength due to warmer waters, or draughts and/or flooding due to changing rain patterns such as the monsoons. Finally, the socioeconomic status of the country will also determine it’s ability to cope with these changes. For example the Netherlands is mostly at or below sea level but they have constructed an intricate system of dykes that will channel water to depopulated areas thus avoiding much of the potential damage. Poor countries on the other hand can’t afford these types of measures leaving their populations and properties open to the ravages of climate change.

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