How does ecofeminism differ from other environmental philosophies?



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    Ecofeminism explores the connection between cultural female oppression to the degradation and destruction of nature. It explores certain social mentalities that may lead to the oppression of women that compare to social mentalities that may or may not lead to ecological destruction.

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    Ecofeminism is a fusion of feminist and environmentalist philosophy that seeks to explore the relationship between exploitation of the terrestrial biosphere and other forms of oppression, such as sexism. The concept might also be expanded to include environmental racism and other environmental justice issues, such as the siting of “undesirable” facilities such as coal mines, power plants or refineries in close proximity to communities of color and low-income communities. Ecofeminism specifically seeks to uncover the way we think about ownership of people or objects as it relates to control over or ownership of the body. It is a rich topic in need of greater exploration; however, the most basic reduction of the principle of ecofeminism may be to say that it is the basic responsibility of human beings to respect the freedom of all living creatures of both today and tomorrow, and not to view them as pure resources for our exploitation. An analogy might be drawn to the right to choose to have an abortion: we recognize that, whether we ourselves would choose to give birth to a child or not, a woman’s body is her own, and we have no right to assert our control over it by asserting that it is purely a resource for the production of population, akin to the production of material goods from the planet.

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