How does the earth recycle carbon?



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    The carbon cycle is the interaction between 5 basic reservoirs of carbon: the atmosphere, the terrestrial biosphere, the oceans, the sediments, and the earth’s interior.

    Carbon is released into the atmosphere through respiration, decay of animal and plant matter, combustion, volcanic eruptions, etc.

    Carbon that was once part of organic matter can eventually become sediment.

    Carbon is often exchanged between the atmosphere and the ocean.

    Read more about it at the link below.

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    Yes. All living organisms need carbon, and it is recycled naturally as part of a cycle within the Earth’s biosphere. Living and nonliving organisms exchange carbon, which is put back into the environment to be absorbed and stored. If you consider our atmosphere as a place where nothing leaves and nothing (excepting the Sun’s energy) comes in, carbon levels remain constant. The dramatice changes can be measured instead by the various forms carbon takes.

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