How does dying your hair damage it?



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    Hair appears to be solid, smooth strand. The reality is, hair is made up of three layers of overlapping keratine protiens. These protiens are layered like scales.

    To make hair accept color, most semi-permanent and permanent dyes cause the hair strands to swell to allow color in. When the dye penetrates these keratin layers, it may cause hair to be dry and brittle. The protein “scales” can break off, causing the hair to become weak and susceptible to breakage.

    If you want to minimize damage to color-treated hair, choose gentler, ammonia-free dyes and condition hair after coloring.

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    It can cause the scales of your triple layered hair to break off and become weaker. You will also have more split ends because of the breakage. They have new dyes that are ammonia free and have conditioner.

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