How does diet and nutrition affect a childs devlopment?

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    Nutrition is an extremely important part of a child’s development. It affects behavioral and cognitive abilities, the ability to learn, and future reproductive health. Good nutrition also helps prevent disease and aids a child’s ability to communicate and adapt to new situations. Negative effects are not only found in malnourished children; a child can be well-fed but still not receiving the proper nutrients.

  2. mle
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    One clear way I have seen nutrition affect children (and adults) is with eating a specific diet for adhd.  Since many children are diagnosed with adhd or other behavior issues these days, diet can be a big part of the treatment.

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    A poor diet will make children become obese, which puts them at a much higher risk for type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and a host of other illnesses. 

  4. jw
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    Nutrition greatly impacts brain development, and therefore a child’s cognitive and learning abilities as well as behavior.

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