How does desertification lead to global warming?



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    Desertification is the process through which once vegetated regionsin arid or semi-arid lands becomes increasingly degraded and can only suppport minimal plant and animal life through the loss of vegetation and soil moisture. To the degree that this process reduces a carbon sink (e.g. the vegetation) it can promote a build up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. However semi-arid regions tend to have little carbon sequestration capacity compared to forests, for example. Other than through carbon sequestration, I cannot currently think of other ways that desertification causes CO2 build up in the atmosphere (which can then lead to global warming). Actually, vegetation absorbs more heat from the sun than bare earth, which reflects the light and heat back to the atmosphere. Desertification and global warming are two serious environmental concerns but desertification does not contribute to global warming in any significant manner. 

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