how does deforestation effect the environment?



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    Well you see without trees and plant there is less oxygen and all food chain are desroyed!! we need plant for oxygen and we need animals so complete the cycle!

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    Deforestation has a huge impact on the environment.  When a massive amount of forest is removed, millions of animals, insects, and plants lose their habitat.  Soil quality is often degraded due to erosion once it is exposed to the elements, and the farming that often occurs after deforestation causes nutrient levels to decline.  Forests also help regulate environmental temperature, keeping soil under trees moist and cool.  When they are removed, the soil dries up and the land’s temperature rises.  The water, carbon, and oxygen cycles are all disrupted when trees are removed, causing severe temperature swings and increase evaporation. 

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    Ecosystems services from forests include fuelwood, non-­‐timber forest products, timber, food, wildlife habitat, biodiversity, soil fertility, adaption to climactic shifts and erratic climate events, and the protection of important water resources and downstream ecosystems, scenic landscapes, absorption of carbon. FAO’s 2010 Forest Resources Assessment concluded that 1.6 billion people worldwide depend on forests for their livelihoods, and of these 1.2 billion live in extreme poverty. Further, as deforestation is thought to contribute between 12-­‐17 percent of annual greenhouse gas emissions, climate change cannot be won without the world’s forests

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    Going off of what everyone else has said, deforestation creates serious problems for native animal life. Animals in the rainforest are being driven from their homes, with some in danger of going extinct. The amount of pollution that is being created from deforestation is a contributor to climate change. Trees are like the lungs of the earth; they help regulate the soil and air.

    When massive amounts of tress are chopped down, stored carbon is released into the air (creating the greenhouse effect). Replanting forests and trying to counter-act what has already been done could be a viable solution to help combat climate change. 

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    Deforestation removes trees from Earth. Many organisms live and depend on trees, and by eliminating them, species that do depend on them can die, which can indirectly or directly affect other species as well. This in turn lowers biodiversity.

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