How does D.D.T affect human health,animals,insects and plants?

I Live in Bali were DDT is sprayed routinely every 10 days.I am seriously concerned about the health impact it has on humans and animals and want to campaign against it but need more facts.It is sprayed inside hotel rooms before the guests arrive to ensure no mosquitos and also it is spray though out the gardens.They are told by the chemical company who sells them the DDT that it has no health impact what so ever on humans.It is also sprayed through out the villages if there is any out breaks of Dengie Fever.The people who spray it have no real protection.
All our drinking water comes from a spring in the village.How risky is it to be drinking the spring water if DDT is sprayed in the area??
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    A great book to read on DDT is Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring.” This was a ground breaking book for environmentalism. DDT takes more than 15 years to breakdown in the environment. It is also bioaccumulates in animals which means the higher up in the food chain, the more DDT there is to ingest. The harmful effects that DDT can have are liver damage, probable carcinogen, damages to the reproductive system, and can cause damage to the nervous system.

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