How does cotton get organic certified if it comes from GMO’s?



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    Usually, it does not but the recent controversy with organic GMO cotton from India has created some doubt about the certification. According to Organic Exchange:

    “Contamination can occur at the farm where GMO and organic crops are grown too close together and cross pollination takes place. The resulting seed on the fringes of the organic cotton crop may then contain the BT gene, which is the most common GMO variety.

    Organic farming standards deal with this by setting ‘buffer zones’ which specify the distance required between organic and conventional fields. There is no doubt that in India that the widespread use of GMO poses a threat to the integrity of the organic cotton industry, but it is an issue that it being taken seriously by all stakeholders.”

    They also mention the fact that organic simply means that it was purely grown. It does not necessarily take into consideration possible contamination during the manufacturing and processing stages.

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