how does composition effect erosion?

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    Soil erosion refers to the natural transportation of soil particles by water, wind, and ice from land surfaces.  Airborne soil particles can travel thousands of miles, taking away vital minerals from fertile soil.  It has an adverse effect on arable land. 

    Depending on the soil composition and natural resistance of the land, erosion affects land in different ways.  Because water and wind pick up surface particles as they move over land, erosion has the most impact on the soil’s surface material.  Fertile soil (with nutrients to support healthy plant life) naturally has lots of vegetation (when man isn’t interfering by farming, etc.) that helps protect the land against erosion.  Leaf surfaces deflect raindrops, and heavily vegetated areas do not expose the soil’s surface to wind.  The natural protection insures that the rate of erosion does not exceed the rate of soil formation, so the land sustains its fertile composition. 

    In areas with little to no vegetation (poor soil composition), the land’s surface is left exposed the elements, and erosion often outpaces the rate of soil formation.  Consequently, the soil’s surface (where most of the nutrients to sustain plant life are found), is eroded and contributes to the cycle of: poor soil composition –> erosion –> further degradation of soil composition –> erosion, etc.

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    Why ASAP? Was this for a test? Or were you just late doing your homework?

    Composition does not effect erosion; it does affect it.

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