How does commuting help the environment?



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    Generally speaking commuting does not not help the environment. On the contrary, you are actually using energy to get to work everyday. Now if you are referring to commuting via public transit rather then commuting by car then, than yes public transportation (since by nature you are moving many people instead of just one) is more energy efficient then driving. This of course means less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. In the same vain carpooling is better then driving individually, but of course riding a bicycle or walking would be ideal. The link below gives some tips on how to reduce the environmental impact if you really have no choice but to commute.

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    Not exactly, but sometimes it cant be avoided. It is important to do the best you can, and ensure that if you commute you do so most efficiently. If you drive, make sure you lighten the load, properly inflate your tires, and keep your car maintained in order to make it the most efficient possibly, thereby saving gas and money.

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