How does the community contact GreenAnswers writers in private?

Hi Almire. Generally I like the topic and your presentation of it. I’m a professional editor. I’d prefer to send a couple comments in private, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to do that in GreenAnswers. Maybe you could suggest that to them?

I’ve got just a few typos to mention: “frequent.This innovative app”. Needs a space after period. “Endangered Species Act (ESA)”, prolly doesn’t need the initialism, since it’s not used later in the article. “climatechange”, needs space. “created in the mid-2000s”, needs a space removed. “5 mile radius” should be “five-mile radius”.

But most importantly, the image you used appears to be a copyright infringement. The site given credit itself also appears to have infringed copyright. I.e., neither they nor you have a right to use it. And that’s quite irrespective of “giving credit” to someone, that’s simply a publishing convention showing that a legal arrangement is in place. Permissions need to be in writing from the photo owner, to GreenAnswers.

Sry, if that’s not everything you wanted to hear: It’s an editor’s job. But it’s also an editor’s job to say that this is one of the better GreenAnswers articles. It’s interesting, generally well-written, and most especially shows a command of the subject.



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