How does coconut oil help with type 2 diabetics?

will coconut oil harm the kidneys



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    Incorporating coconut oil in your diet supposedly helps the body protect itself from resisting the effects of insulin, which is paramount for diabetes sufferers. Coconut oil can also help with preventing build up of fat in the body that is associated with being overweight and Type 2 Diabetes. Use of coconut oil exclusively though can lead to fat build up in the liver, and must be monitored regularly to prevent any complications. A good way to counter this effect is fish oil intake, which can prevent fat build up in the liver. Always consult your doctor before pursuing any supplements or remedies to be sure of their effects on you personally. 

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    I have attached the article that was published in the magazine Diabetes that discussed the findings of the 2009 study concluding that using coconut oil / MCFA (medium chain fatty acids) instead of animal fats (long chain fatty acids) may help prevent obesity as well as peripheral insulin resistance.The study was done with two sets of rats, one fed with coconut oil and the other set fed with lard (which reflects the eating habits of our culture).

    Coconut oil, being a smaller molecule than animal fat, can enter into the mitochondria (energy powerhouse) and be converted to energy directly. Long chain fatty acids are not converted to energy as readily and instead stored as fat.

    The claim is that MCFA allow slow digestion and glucose breakdown, thus not making the blood sugars to spike, but to remain steady. How exactly this happens I do not know.

    Downside, like heliosman mentioned, is the fat build up in the liver.

    Also, coconut oil, especially virgin coconut oil has been shown to be good for kidneys by enhancing function.

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