How does climate change make natural disasters more intense?



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    When a climate changes for the warmer, natural disasters can become more intense, especially in coastal regions.  One such example is hurricane occurrence.  Warming climates can cause forces in the atmosphere to clash, which can affect the sea below.  Also, heat waves, can lead to an increased number of wild fires. 

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    Heat plays a roll in the creation of storms. Often, the warmer it is, the more intense the storm. Tornados, hurricanes, and thunderstorms which can produce lightning and damaging wind will become more intense in areas where the climate is becoming warmer. Climate change may also cause melting of the ice in mountain tops which could result in more occurrences of avalanche, and areas where there is an increase in rainfall will also experience more severe flooding and mudslides. Droughts and heat waves in other areas will bring about more frequent and intense wildfires. However, natural disasters that are not related to weather, such as earthquakes, will not be affected by climate change.

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    Climate change doesn’t really affect us on a day-to-day level.  There’s very little relationship between climate change and natural disasters.

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