How does climate change effect politics?



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    Like most issues in the political world, it causes division.  While one side feels compelled to take action against climate change, the other fails to recognize it as a problem at all.  (I would name each side, but you could probably guess.)  Additionally, we spend too much time fighting about the existence of a problem before we can actually do something about it.  Therefore, change can’t ultimately come from our government but from our doing. 

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    On the bright side politics adopt standards which companies have to follow in order to stay in business in that country. These include energy efficiency, reduction of hazardous chemicals in various products and many other things that benefit both the end user and the environment. Also politicians have to really take climate change seriously as more and more people demand from their governments to use clean energy sources. 

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    I think that climate change is going to be the #1 political issue all around the world for much of the 21st century. There’s no way it cannot impact politics in numerous ways: economics, international relations, the role of science in policy, and how to balance environmental responsibility with economic needs. Right now I think we’re in the very beginning stages of political action regarding climate change. People are still arguing about whether climate change is real! Once that argument cycles through (since it is undeniable that climate change is real and that it is caused by humans), then the political sphere will begin to consider broad-stroke issues such as, how much economic growth is worth substantive cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.  That’s going to be a difficult issue in every industrialized country in the world, and nations are going to come out all over the place on how they answer it. At the same time there’s the international realm to consider. Each country must handle climate change within their own borders, but action to mitigate it doesn’t make much difference if your reductions are offset by another country that isn’t doing as much (or anything).  Therefore, some type of treaty or international framework has to be developed, and that triggers a whole other rash of political discussions.

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    I think that climate change should have nothing to do with politics.  However, i do believe that it has become known almost as a “democrat” thing, especially when Al Gore came out with An Inconvenient Truth.  That was pretty much the final saw that broke the rope what separated the parties in America. Its actually very sad, because when one side is reluctant to do anything, change wont happen. 

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