How does climate change affect landlocked countries differently from coastal countries?



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    That’s a good question. One way to answer is with respect to rising sea levels, because of warmer sea temperatures. Countries without a coastline obviously won’t have to worry so much about losing ground to swelling oceans. 

    But aside from that, there are so many other factors that create climate patterns across regions. Proximity to large water bodies is one of them, but so are elevation, the currents in the oceans, latitude, etc.

    Maps are an excellent way of looking at the spatial distribution of environmental phenomena. Click on the links to view these geographies of climate change’s impact: 

    Agricultural productivity: where will conditions be worsened or improved for growing food? Landlocked v. coastal doesn’t seem to matter here. Click on the thumbnail on the webpage. 

    Water availability: where will we have water shortages? Where might there be more floods? Again, coastlines don’t seem to matter.

    Habitat and biodiversity losses: which ecosystems are most threatened by changing climate conditions? 

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