How does the circulatory system work?



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    The circulatory system is an extremely complicated operation that to fully explain may take a while. But here are the basics: 

    -The heart is the life source of the circulatory system. The heart is constantly working to pump about 5 liters of blood at a time through the human body. This is called “coronary circulation”. 

    -The lungs are also a vital part of the circulatory system. “Pulmonary circulation” is the movement of blood from the heart to the lungs and back to the heart, oxygenating the blood.

    -Blood vessels help make up “systemic circulation” which is responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients to tissue throughout the body. All of this stems from the hearts main artery called the aorta and webs out to the rest of the body, keeping our muscles full of oxygen rich blood.

    These are the three key components of the circulatory system. If one part of it starts to go bad, the entire system can be affected. The circulatory system is vital to healthy living and by taking care of your heart and lungs, your entire body will stay in better working condition. Check out the link for some great illustrations on blood flow, heart activity and lung function.  

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