How does choosing to live in an earthquake prone area change human activity?



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    The biggest difference is that they are a little more prepared than the average citizen.  Most live with an earthquake kit, including enough food and water to keep them alive (usually a week’s worth) in the event that they couldn’t get outside their home or place of residence.  Many also have a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and flashlights with additional batteries.  It’s also helpful to have a portable radio (with extra batteries), extra blankets and clothing, and access to alternate cooking sources in the event that you don’t have power or electricity for weeks at a time.  

    In addition to the physical items, many families and individuals have a game plan about what they would do in the event of an earthquake.  They know the ‘safe zones’ in their home (in a doorway, underneath sturdy tables and desks) and they know where they would meet if they couldn’t find each other during the earthquake and what they would do after the shock is over.

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