How does child labor affect the environment?



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    Child labor does not directly correlate to environmental effects. However, the idea of social responsibility as a large role in the environmentalist movement.

    In this it is possible to link socially irresponsible behavior such as child labor, with a generally an ‘ends’ as opposed to ‘means’ pursuit of progress; an approach which probably alienates environmental concerns as well.

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    According to UNICEF, 218 million children in Asia, Africa, and Latin America are engaged in child labor in factories, mining, agriculture, prostitution, and other odd jobs. In these places and industries, labor and environmental laws are lax. In order to maintain rock bottom prices, the standard of living has been reduced for employees and working conditions remain hazardous. Not only are children more vulnerable to exploitation, but the environment also suffers from these industries.

    One industry that is engaged in these practices is Bridgestone Firestone Tire whose rubber plantation in Liberia has been accused of child labor and environmental abuse.

    Industries that ignore international labor standards don’t think twice about environmental regulations. If they don’t care about human rights, they most definitely don’t care about the environment.

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