How does politics change the way we protect the environment?



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    Politics is, in most cases, the way that politicians/lobbyists/constituents work together (or sometimes against each other) to get laws enacted. For the environment that means a group of people working together to make new laws that do things like requiring companies to put a cap on emissions, requiring state officials to stricter on poaching, requiring Congress to come up with a plan to cut country-wide emissions. These all help in protecting the environment.

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    It provides an enforcement mechanism, essentially. Politics, unlike the actual legislation, affects the soft power that is necessary in order to both get legislation passed, and maintain a positive image within society. Because of politics we can basically paint people/things as environmentally unfriendly and boycott them, in addition to a host of other soft power outlets. There’s more to the effect than just a venue and legislation- politics is essentially a source of social pressure.

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