How does a carbon scrubber work?



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    The idea behind a carbon scrubber is creating a filter through which air born pollutants and particulate matter become trapped in a more solid medium, such as charcoal, limestone, and/or water. The toxins can then be utilized in other processes or disposed of in a more environmentally friendly manner. There are two different types of scrubber, wet scrubbers which use water to filter pollutants, and dry scrubbers that use a wet substance like limestone powder. Wet scrubbers inject water vapor into smokestacks which works to dissolve dust and gas particles; the water, saturated with pollutants, remains in the stack until it can be pumped out. Dry scrubbers inject powder slurry which react with the gas to create ‘salts’, which are basically toxic particle compounds. The resulting dust is then passed through an extremely fine filter which prevent the salts and other dust from escaping into the atmosphere.

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