How does buying from locally-owned stores help a community’s economy?



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    It helps by keeping the money in the community. We you buy from locally-owned stores, those stores are able to employ more people from the community. Then those people have more money to spend in the community and so on. When you buy from big box stores, the money goes to corporations out of state and in the pockets of wealthy conglomerates. While it does help the national economy, you have no guarantee that the money will trickle it’s way back down to your community. 

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    Buying from locally owned stores keeps currency within the community, causing the community’s economy to prosper.  Whereas buying from a corporation causes money to travel who knows where, supporting who knows what causes, buying local is over more sustainable.  Also, if the produce or products are farmed or manufactured within the community as well, this further keeps money flowing within the community.  Also, there is a decrease energy consumed in transportation costs, which is an eco-friendly benefit. 

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