How does BPA affect human beings?



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    BPA (bisphenol A) is very common in most foods and drinks we daily consume. In fact, in 2003-2004 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did a survey of urine samples and found that 93% of the population have BPA already in their body. Since it is so prevalent it is good to know its effects on the human body. BPA is an endocrine disrupter that can mimic estrogen, and therefore trick the body into certain reactions that are nat natural. While still not proven by scientists, there is a correlation between high levels of BPA and an increased incidence of heart disease, diabetes, liver problems, breast caacer, and erectile dysfunction in men. 

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    Most studies have been done on rats and there are many debates. In reality, not much is for certain but here are some of the claims:

    BPA may have effects on fetal and infant brain development. There are also studies that show other neurological issues including disruption of brain cell connections (memory, learning and mood).

    Since BPA mimics estrogenic activity and impact dopamine activity, it can result in hyperactivity, ADD, and sensitivity to drug of abuse. Studies have shown effects to the funtion of dopaminergic receptors (due to development) and to the dopaminergic system as a whole.

    BPA has also been reviewed to show disruptions to the thyroid and is most  disruptive to pregnant women and small children.

    BPA has also been shown to increase cancer risk (rats developed leukemia and interstitial cell tumors). Also, breast cancer, neuroblastoma, prostate cancer..

    One study suggests BPA suppresses DNA methylation, which can lead to changes in gene expression. 

    BPA also may causes changes in reproductive systems and sexual behavior. In mice, this suggests defects in mitosis and DNA replication in the second generation.

    There are also many other studies around BPA. You might want to check the link I provided for more.


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