How does botox hurt the environment?



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    Botox is more harmfull to people themselves than the environment aorund them. The only way that botox could harm the environment is if it is leaked into a water supply or dumped into the ground (harming soil and plants), or if you consider human health part of the environment.

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      Actulally is directly harmful to the environment as well as highly toxic to humans. Anything that effects the environment is harmful to humans. First by injecting the neurotoxin into ones skin, which paralyzes the muscels (stupid is as stupid does)Then, it does get into soil, watersheds and water supplies. Any type of harmful chemical that gets into the soil and water is directly realted to human health, and can cause cancer.

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      Botox is extremely harful to humans and the environment. It is a neurotoxin injected into skin to paralyze the muscles. So firsthand it is already a danger to ones health. Then, It is highly unlikely the spas that use this toxic material disposes of it properly (any of the botulism would need to be taken to hazardous waste sites to be disposed of properly). The neurotoxin most defintley ends up in watersheds, water supplies, soil, which directly harms humans further. Botox should not even be on the market. Jst another area where the US FDA is not doing its job properly. More illness, including potential cancers, for profit.

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