How does bone heal?



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    Bones heal about the same way everything else in the body heals.  While many think of bones as just a lifeless structure that supports our body, old bone cells are constantly being destroyed and created.  When your bones break, blood leaks out of the veins in the blood, forming a clot which stabilizes the bone.  This clot later becomes a tougher tissue, and the cells around it begin producing fibrolasts and collagen which make up bones.  This creates a callus that later turns into a harder bone callus, and finally into new bone.  So basically after your bone breaks, your body lets the jagged parts of the broken bone die, and creates new bone material that fixes the area in question.

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    There are 3 processes to bone healing: 

    • inflammation: clotting of blood at the site leads to structural stability.
    • bone production: blood is replaced with fibrous tissue and cartilage.
    • bone remodeling: takes several months. Bone forms and compacts.

    Check out the link for more information

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