How does birth control help reduce greenhouse gas emissions?



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    This is an interesting question as there is really no solid proof that birth control itself could reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But by proxy, birth control could help reduce greenhouse gases by helping to reduce the overpopulation of the planet in the future. If trends remain the same, more people on the planet mean more carbon expelled because more people are using transportation, use more electricity, more trash, etc. For those of us who have children though, our role as parents and educators can be used to benefit the environment by teaching our kids how to respect the Earth so future generations can enjoy being here just as much as we do!

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    By investing in accessible birth control, we can help prevent overpopulation.  Each new person on this planet is another carbon footprint, not to mention the emissions of all those future generations from someone born today.  Obviously birth control helps prevent unwanted pregnancy, but the positive consequences may be more far-reaching than you think.  Women who are on birth control consistently have a greater chance of going to college and/or graduate school, which in turn makes them less likely to have large families in the future (women who stay in school longer tend to have fewer children than women who do not).

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