How does a bio digester produce energy?



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    Biodigesters convert organic waste into biogas, a renewable source of electrical and heat energy. Biodigesters trap methane that is released from organic waste (in landfills, compost heaps, etc) and produce biogas from the methane.

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    Biodigesters are made sealed tight to trap in the biogas created from anaerobic bacteria digesting the organic matter. When installing a biodigester, you connect it to various piping material, with a control valve to shut off the gas flow when needed, and the gas can flow right to your range. In addition to being used especially in cooking, the biodigesters post-digested material serve as a great fertilizer. Many people plant banana trees and other food-yielding plants near their biodigester to boost production. This an indirect way of producing energy, but it lends to the process nonetheless.

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