How does Australia plan to have a zero carbon economy?



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    Australia’s Beyond Zero Emissions states that  “a combination of energy efficiency, fuel switching from gas and oil to electrified energy services, then using a combination of commercially available off-the-shelf renewable energy technologies” will allow it to achieve carbon neutrality, getting all of its energy from renewables by 2020.  The Australian government will accomplish this by investing $37 billion per year, 3% of the country’s GDP.  But it’s no wonder the Australian government is choosing to do this: Australia is one of the regions hardest-hit by climate change. 


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    The main points of the Zero Carbon Australia 2020 plan include getting energy entirely from renewable sources, beginning with a transitional period and working its way to zero carbon, using technologically proven and feasible solutions, ensuring the security of the energy supply by employing a transitional period, and ensuring that the food and water supply, social equity, and other environmental factors are maintained throughout the transition.  The goal, as indicated by the name, is to be carbon neutral by 2020.

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