How does arctic ice melt hurt the United States?



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    It is a symptom of global changes that will impact every American. You will see more forest fires, more floods, more droughts, more blizzards, stronger hurricanes, and many more impacts. Eventually, the direct impact will be sea level rise.

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    According to a report issued by the International Artic Monitoring and Assessment Program (AMAP), an assessment of climate change in the Artic shows the region’s ice and snow melting faster than expected and greatly increases projections of global sea level rise for the century.  This is not good, because the ice in the Artic plays a pertinent role in regulating our climate here in the United States.  So if the ice ceases to exist in the Artic our climate will become uncomfortably warm.



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    Ice at the poles helps keep the overall temperature of the planet down because ice reflects solar energy, whereas water and land absorb that energy.  Ultimately this, along with the ice releasing methane as it melts, will speed up global warming.

    Like rigibson said, a direct impact is the sea levels rising.  If Greenland were to melt entirely, sea levels worldwide would go up by 20 feet.  Changing sea levels can also affect ocean currents and marine habitats.

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