How does the amount of waste someone has relate to their spending habits?



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    As far as I know, there’s no absolute or universal correlation, but it makes sense that the more someone manages to reuse and recycle, the less you have to buy. For instance, someone who uses handkerchiefs rather than tissues would (depending on how often they had to blow their nose or do whatever else you do with tissues) potentially save quite a bit of money and generate significantly less waste.

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    It depends on what you spend. Some people like to spend on experiences like traveling, fine dining, sporting events, while others like to spend on material things like clothes, electronics, books. It also depends on how long you make the purchase last. If you use your cellphone for several years then that won’t produce very much waste. If you like to go on cruises, then that experience might end up producing a lot of wastes like carbon emissions, water pollutants, etc… 

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